Grocery Savings Tips

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Tip 1: When items are on a buy 2 for 1 price sale, such as two boxes of cereal for $4.00, it is usually not necessary to buy two to get the sale price. If you use the item regularly and will need to buy more before they go on sale again (possibly in just a few weeks) go ahead and buy as many as you need. And save even more by matching the sale with a coupon!

But if you only need one box of cereal, or whatever the item is, then just buy one. The money you save by not purchasing that second item (just because its on sale) may be needed for something else that you might need more, such as milk, bread, produce, chicken, fish or meat.

Tip 2: One of the best ways to save more money with grocery coupons is to match them with items that are already on sale. Look through your weekly grocery store sale flyers (they are often first published in the Wednesday newspaper and are also available at the front of the store for free) to find matching items that you’d like to purchase. If you don’t have time to look through the weekly sale flyers just clip your coupons from the Sunday paper and match as you go!

Tip 3: Another way to maximize your savings while matching coupons with weekly sales is to shop at more than one grocery store. Since the stores do not run the same sales each week, you can often double your savings just by shopping at two stores instead of one. Now I’m not suggesting that you drive all the way across town to save a few more dollars, especially with the high cost of gas, but if the stores are close to each other or you can combine your grocery shopping errands with other trips, it may not cost you any extra in gas. And, if you’ve been using my Coupon Savings tips you already know that we’re saving a lot more than just a few dollars!

Tip 4: Waiting to purchase these items that are on extended sale will also help you avoid over-stockpiling and keep your weekly grocery budget in check. And, by postponing the purchase you may find that you don’t even need the items that are on sale!

Tip 5: Many grocery items remain on sale for much longer than a week, giving you plenty of time to match them with coupons or even do a little stocking up without coupons. So check the sale dates (they are usually located right on the shelf sale tag) to decide whether you need to purchase the items this week, or if they can wait.

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